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Name:Sebastian Smythe
Location:Westerville, Ohio, United States of America
Head Warbler, asshole, and mommy's boy. Sebastian Smythe is everything you wished you could be and better, and he knows it. Sebastian will not settle for your crap and can dish it back just as good as he recieves it. If you have an issue with him? Take it to his face. He'll just scoff at you. He doesn't care what you think.

Canon point will be up 'til 4x08 (but willing to play whenever). Muse is over the age of 18. Mun is over the age of 18.

Sebastian is played as primarily gay, but since it hasn't been directly said in canon, he's willing to play around with a girl to suit his needs.

Mun ships Kurtbastian as her primary ship. Also a fan of Huntbastian, Sambastian, Sebtana, and Seblaine. She's more than willing to play anything else, just shoot her a PM or leave a note on his IC post in brackets~ Mun is also West Coast time. She'll get back to you. Eventually.

Sebastian Smythe is from Glee, and is the property of name of Ryan Murphy/Fox.

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